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Equestrian Arena Fibre by Combi-Ride

Our arena fibre products are all manufactured to an incredibly high standard. With years of experience behind us, we only supply tried and tested surfaces to ensure you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new surface or replace your existing one, you can rely on our expert and honest advice to help you find an arena fibre that suits your requirements and your budget.

You will find that the UK equestrian industry offers a whole host of products, often with conflicting advice available online, making it difficult for consumers to choose the best products that offer the best value for money. Be sure to compare what we offer against others in the industry as we are confident we offer the highest quality products at the best price.

Dual Stabiliser

Dual Stabiliser from £2 per square metre

Our flagship product has become the UK's leading product for sand stabilisation and improvement.

A finely balanced combination of a pulverised nylon which holds moisture to create a dense root structure within the sand and a rubber fleck offering elasticity and return for the surface giving memory and cushioning. This concentrate, when added to a new or old sand based surface injects life and protect the horse and rider from any unwanted movement or firmness. Lowering the maintenances process and creating a prefect surface.

Combi Pro

Combi Pro from £50 per tonne

Manufactured in Nottingham, Combi-Pro offers a ready to use surface solution. Mixed with a blend of synthetics and rubber fleck it offers a fully stabilised high energy surface.

Suitable for all disciplines, a fibre-sand and rubber fleck mix also offers the perfect lunge surface or top-up solution, the combi-pro is mixed with one of the country's leading silica sands. This surface is dry mix, which means it requires a certain amount of water in the surface to perform. Outdoor the surface stays firm all year round however indoor you will require irrigation.

Combi Gel

Combi Wax from £1.15 per litre

Combi-Wax emulsion is a treatment designed to repair equestrian surfaces, created using premium materials selected to bind effectively with the sand and fibres, achieving a top quality surface that looks and feels like new at a fraction of the cost of a full resurface.

Combi-Wax protects your equestrian surfaces from the elements enabling your surface to last for an additional 4 years longer. Meaning you could keep the same surface for up to 12 years.

Rubber Topping

Rubber Topping from £100 per tonne

Possibly the most used material additive in the U.K today. Rubber has been a best seller and has been used across the equine surface industry for many years.

It provides excellent protection of your surface and helping to prevent freezing, and protects the surface against cross winds. Different types of rubber can be used and you can select a chip size to suit your needs and personal choice. Rubber is also used to loosen harsh surfaces, but should only be used on a surface that does not ride deep as this product should sit in the top level, but when used with fibres can provide excellent protection of the surface from all the elements.


Sand from £20 per tonne

Silica Sand is the base for the majority of riding surfaces in the country.

There are only around 10 quarries in the U.K that have the right material for the job These quarries have the correct shape and size of grain that is produced to allow the sand to hold moisture at the same time as draining, also holding the hoof impact as well as cushioning it. These are your only choices when looking for equestrian grade silica sand.

Call us today for the best account based price and competitive haulage rates direct from the quarries or simply advise you on the nearest one to you